Superb handmade wooden watches for womens |
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Superb handmade wooden watches for womens


If you’re searching for handmade wooden watches for womens, you need to be certain about the quality. There are different qualities available in wooden watches, and you need to get one that is ideal in all of the prospects. The design of the women watch should be unique, and the size needs to suit the wrist. It is important that the wooden watch for women must be made with the help of the finest wood. 100% pure and natural wood should be used in the manufacturing process of the wooden watch.

Durable Watch

Similarly, it is important that the wooden watch should also be durable, and that’s why higher quality natural wood should be used in the making. There are many wood kinds that can be utilized for the manufacturing of the wooden watches, however, sandalwood and bamboo wood can be the best choices. Both of them are superior in quality.

Women’s Watch

They can be considered as highly durable, and it will be great if you can find a women’s watch made up of these woods. You can also find zebrawood as reliable while considering women’s watches. The glass of the case should be scratchproof, and having a mineral glass on the case can be exceptionally amazing for a women’s watch.

Wooden Watches

There are some wooden watches for women that are purely made with higher quality woods, but when it comes to the straps, then they might be made of leather. Having a leather based strap for your wooden watch won’t be a bad idea, but you need to make sure that the case of the wooden watch is purely made up of wood.

Wooden Watches

Leather Strap

Leather strap watches are certainly in the latest trends these days, and it will be possible for you to get a superior look through those watches.

Mineral Glass

Mineral glass can give trendy look along with a leather strap, but a sapphire crystal glass can also be one of the finest choices for your wooden watch.

Good Warranty

Wooden watch you’re willing to buy is provided with a good warranty. 1 year of warranty is usually provided by the manufacturers of the wooden watches.

Wooden Watchmakers

You can certainly consider contacting those wooden watchmakers so that you won’t be having any sorts of troubles regarding your watch later on.

There are some really good manufacturers who might offer a warranty of 2-3 years for the wooden watches.